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At Loom Enterprises, our goal is to deliver results which increase your company's value to all stakeholders.

Whether it be strategic planning or tactical projects, your vision is important to us. We are eager to map out and help execute the right next steps for your business or organization.  We will also provide the necessary tools or training to achieve a successful future.

High Tech, Ag Tech, Green Tech, Bio Tech, Manufacturing, SAS, Government, and Non-Profits have turned to Loom to deliver tailored solutions on time.

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Loom Enterprises Services

Concepts to Concrete Results

Loom Enterprises exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small.

Loom consultants apply their combined executive experience leading Fortune 100 enterprises, funding Start Ups, and guiding rapid growth and steady growth companies and organizations.  Loom's deliverables are tailored to address the immediate needs of our clients.  We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations

facilitate change, optimize performance, increase productivity, and achieve their vision.

Strategic Planning

Clarify you Goals : Establish Strategies to Achieve Them

What does your organization need?  Development of Business Plans, Financial Pro Formas, Investor Pitch Decks, full Private Placement Memorandums, Term Sheets, Valuations, Marketing Strategies, Partnership Development, Organizational Planning, Executive On-boarding, Change Management, Facility Expansion,  Incorporation and Operating Agreements.
Loom can provide all these and more

Business Meeting

Tactical Projects & Deliverables

Less Talk.  More Delivered.

At Loom, consulting means delivering those things your organization needs today to immediately address a problem, advance a goal, or take advantage of an opportunity.   As such, Loom can provide project management, as well as, provide the deliverables directly, including:

  • Partnership Agreements

  • Sales Compensation Plans

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Financial Tools

  • Project analysis

  • Event Planning

  • Marketing Plans

  • Manufacturing Efficiencies

  • and much more

Business Meeting

Training and Development

Grow Capabilities and Capacities

At Loom, Consulting is Team Development at all levels.  Whether you have 10,000 employees gathered for a kick off event or annual achievement or whether you have departments that need team building or skills enhancement, Loom is able to provide the tools and training to expand your teams' capabilities and capacities to accomplish more.


Meet Loom's Founder

3 IPOs, Cisco Systems, and a decade of consulting. 

James often quips that he was involved with the internet before people could spell “www”.

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