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James Massa

Founder and Consultant

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With 30 years of experience ranging from startup companies reaching their IPOs to helping shape industry giants such as Cisco Systems, James has excelled at all levels within industry, government, and non-profits. A software engineer, James also has a degree in business.

James was involved on the ground level of three startup internet technology companies that all reached a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO) or acquisition exit.  He then went on to spend 14 years at Cisco Systems in a range of executive roles, responsible for a P&L $500M+, Market Capture of $6B+, Teams of up to 400+ personnel.

James’s contributions at Cisco Systems included

·       growing Cisco’s commercial business in the Southeast 180% in one year,

·       expanding Federal government business 300% in 3 years.

·       launching 3 separate new billion dollar market focus organizations.   

James left Cisco in 2006 as Vice President and Chief Strategist for Cisco’s Global Government Solutions Group, having leadership responsibility for the government market that represented over 20% of Cisco’s $26B.

James served two Presidents of the United States as the Chairman of the Internet Architecture Task Force for the NSTAC (National Security Telecommunications Advisory Council). In the response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US, James’ leadership was instrumental in facilitating the coordination of industry’s response to the national needs of the United States.

James has served as a Board Director of several high impact organizations including the USO and the United States Technology Training Institute (USTTI), a non-profit joint venture between leading US based communications, IT corporations and leaders of the Federal government who together provide management, policy and technical training for talented professionals from the developing world.

Current Professional focus:  After 3 IPOs or successful investor exits and a 14 year expansive career helping lead juggernaut Cisco Systems, James established Loom Enterprises, which has provided consulting c-suite services  High Tech, Green Tech, Ag Tech, and Bio Tech companies. 

Author and Instructor: After many requests to place his knowledge and experience into an easy to use book format, James authored “The Six Strand Weave”.  James feels a great burden to bring timeless principles to the local and global leaders through sharing the "Relationship Wheel", a guide on how to form successful organizational Relationships and how to avoid those that are likely to fail.

Global non-Profit Experience:  USA Today noted James’ fresh approach to philanthropy in 2000 as he founded LTG “Learn to Give” Foundation to help Silicon Valley executives in their efforts to give back and pay forward.

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